I’m William, a passionate vegan chef, and health coach. My journey has been one of self-discovery, and in this blog, I will show you more and how.┬áSince I came into this world, I have loved the food! My Nana, a true food lover, and the fabulous cook would let me play in the kitchen for hours whipping up concoctions with whatever spices, flours, oils, and liquids I could get my hands on. Nothing was ever edible, but it was a fantastic creative outlet for an only child. I’d even make mud pies in the yard with my friends and “cook” them in Nana’s mailbox. Those were the days!

Fast forward two decades, I’m still playing with food and letting my imagination run wild. Thankfully I’ve figured out how to make food not only edible but delicious. Nana and my dad helped me to figure that out.
I discovered healthy eating in college and haven’t looked back since. Now my whole life revolves around food that makes me feel happy, energetic, and nourished.

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My food philosophy is really very simple- eat natural foods that make you feel good. At this stage of my life, I prefer to cook and bake from scratch and buy most of my food fresh from local farmers’ markets or grow it myself.

You may have heard the phrase “you are what you eat.” I believe this to be true, not just at a molecular level but also at a heart level. As much as food is fuel for our physical bodies, it is also food for our souls. My relationship with food has allowed me to explore my creativity and nourish my body with self-acceptance, gratitude, and love.

Here’s what you’ll find on my blog:

My recipes to make your mouth water. I enjoy sharing everything I know about plant-based cooking with my readers. The latest in nutrition and fitness news so you can live your best life possible. An honest look at veganism as a lifestyle and where all the delicious food comes from. The truth about veganism and why it works for me.

  • I’ve found the most compassionate and kind friends. I have discovered a lucrative career as a vegan chef, health coach, and cooking instructor.
  • Improved my terrible digestion.
  • Radiant and glowing skin. Acne has gotten much better.
  • Reduced chronic fatigue.

William Smith

Vegan Food Blogger

Hi, I’m William! I love animals, plants and nature! You can often find me out in the garden or cooking with fresh ingredients. But my true passion is being vegan for ethical reasons. When you’re vegan, it’s not just about food – it’s a lifestyle choice that has so many knock-on benefits for your health and the planet too.

I have been on a journey of weight loss and fitness to get myself feeling at my best physically and mentally, which is why I want to share those steps with you too! And finally, when there are companies out there doing things ethically (like being vegan), I’ll be sharing them here, too, because we need more people like us doing good in this world.

William Smith

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