Are Takis Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Takis?

If you are one of those chip lovers, you have likely come across Takis. But we all know how hard it is to find a vegan snack. Today’s post is about whether Takis are vegan or not.

We’re going to answer these questions related to Takis:

  • What are Takis.
  • What ingredients are they made of?
  • Are Takis Vegan? If yes,
  • Which takis are vegan.

First, let’s take a look at what Takis are.

What are Takis?

Takis (known as Taquis until 2004) is a brand of rolled up corn tortilla chip snack made by Barcel. They were invented in Mexico in 1999 and it is known for its spicy, intense taste and comes in numerous flavors.[1]

These little rolled up corn snacks are usually covered in something spicy.

Now, let’s discuss the Takis ingredients:

Takis Ingredients:

The following are the non-vegan ingredients that are found in some Takis:

  • Carmine – made from cochineal insects.
  • Milk – from cows & Eggs.
  • Gelatin – made from skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones of animals.

But, which Takis contain these ingredients. I bet you’ll ask.

TAKIS that contain Carmine:

  • Takis Waves
  • Takis Crisps

TAKIS that contain Milk & Eggs:

  • Takis Crunchy Fajitas
  • Takis Guacamole
  • Takis Kettlez Jalapeno Typhoon
Takis Crunchy Fajitas ingredients

TAKIS that contain Gelatin:

  • Takis Hot Nuts Fuego
  • Takis Hot Nuts Flare
Takis Hot Nuts Fuego ingredients

Let’s go back to our question “Are Takis Vegan?”

Are Takis Vegan?

Are they vegan? Some flavors of takis are vegan, but most flavors are not vegan because they contain animal derived ingredients, and therefore they are not suitable for vegans.

Keep reading to find out which takis are vegan.

What Flavors of Takis Are Vegan?

Here are the vegan Takis flavors:

  • Fuego Hot Chili Pepper & Lime Rolled Tortilla Chips (Purple Bag)
  • Nitro (Black & Red Bag)
  • Salsa Brava (Yellow Bag)
  • Zombie Flavor (Green Bag)

Takis Fuego Ingredients:

Corn Flour (Processed with Lime), Vegetable Oil (Palm and/or Soybean and/or Canola and/or Rice Bran Oil), Seasoning [Salt, Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Sugar, Monosodium Glutamate, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Onion Powder, Yeast Extract, Red 40 Lake, Yellow 6 Lake, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Sodium Bicarbonate, Soybean Oil, Chili Pepper (Chile), Disodium Inosinate, Disodium Guanylate, TBHQ (Antioxidant)].

Takis Nitro Tortilla Chips Ingredients:

Corn Masa Flour (Processed with Lime), Vegetable Oil (Palm and/or Soybean and/or Canola and/or Rice Bran Oil), Maltodextrin, Salt, Citric Acid, Dextrose, Monosodium Glutamate, Sugar, Onion Powder, Artificial Colors (Red 40 Lake, Yellow 6 Lake, Blue 1 Lake, Yellow 5 Lake) Natural and Artificial Flavors, Gum Arabic, Mannitol.

Takis Salsa Brava Ingredients:

Corn, Palm Oil, Seasoning (salt, maltodextrin, corn flour, monosodium glutamate, sugar, corn oil, red pepper powder, spices, vegetable protein (soybean), Citric Acid, Artificial Flavor, Artificial Colors (FD&C Red 40, FD&C Yellow 6, FD&C Blue 1), Sodium Diacetate, Acetic Acid). Contains 2% or Less of the following antioxidants (TBHQ and/or BHA and BHT) and traces of Lime.

Takis Zombie Flavor Ingredients:

Corn Masa Flour (Processed with Lime), Soybean and/or Palm and/or Canola Oil, Seasoning (Corn Maltodextrin, Iodized Salt, Citric Acid, Dextrose, Monosodium Glutamate, Onion Powder, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Artificial Color (Yellow 5, Yellow Lake 5 and Blue 1), Garlic Powder, Tricalcium Phosphate, Acacia Gum, Gum Arabic, Alpha-Tocopherol, Mannitol).

What About “May Contain Milk or Eggs” Labels?

Some of these flavors are made in a facility that may also use milk and egg. What does it means?

For legal purposes, manufacturers often include disclaimers such as “may contain milk” on their packaging in case there is microscopic cross-contamination.

This does not mean the items are not suitable for vegan.

If there are no animal ingredients in the ingredient list, the product is in fact vegan.

Are Takis Vegetarian?

Are they vegetarian? Yes. some flavors of Takis are vegetarian.

Some questionable ingredients in some takis are milk egg, and by definition, vegetarianism is classified as excluding any form of animal flesh (the tissue, muscles or meat of an animal). 

The egg and dairy products such as milk, don’t fall into this category and is therefore included in a vegetarian eating pattern.

Which means that takis that contain milk and egg are vegetarian.

But other flavors contain animal derived ingredients such as gelatin and carmine, and therefore are not suitable for vegetarians.


Do Takis Have Cheese?

Not all flavors contain cheese, the only flavor of takis that contains cheese is TAKIS Xplosion Tortilla Chip Snacks Zesty Nacho Cheese.

These rolled tortilla chips are fully loaded with cheese and zesty nacho flavors.

Are Takis Halal?

Takis are do not contain pork or alcohol, but the brand state in there website that Takis are not Halal.

Which means, Takis are not suitable for muslim people.

Do Takis Have Dairy?

Most Takis flovors contain milk with the exception of the vegan option.

Some Takis are dairy free but others have dairy.

Check out this detailed post on whether Takis are dairy free or not.

Are Takis Bad for You?

Takis are rich in sodium and low in essential nutrients and are highly processed and refined.

While Takis may not be the healthiest snack available, they’re generally fine to enjoy in moderation as part of a balanced and nutritious diet.

Please do your own research before eating anything! 

Final Thoughts:

Not all Takis flavors are vegan, Most of them are not suitable for vegans.


Actual product packaging and materials may contain more or different information than that shown on our website. You should not rely solely on the information presented here. Always read labels, warnings and directions before using or consuming a product.

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