Best counter-arguments to Veganism

vegans counter arguments

When it comes to veganism, I’m a rather practical individual. I know that animals in the meat/dairy/egg business suffer; I care about animals. Thus I refuse to engage in senseless violence against them. This also implies that most vegans are willing to debate if they have a compelling argument against veganism because most are realistic about the matter. Show me a strong case against veganism that I can’t dispute, and I’ll be the first to tell you that you’re correct.

There’s this fantastic medium known as Facebook. As you are all aware, individuals on Facebook have strong opinions, particularly concerning vegans, and it is often impossible to avoid them. Here are some of the best reasons against veganism that have genuinely made me pause and think about whether or not veganism is the correct thing to do:

Vegans are unconcerned about humanity.

vegans dont care about humans

It’s a well-known truth that when you decide to quit consuming animal products, you immediately cease caring about the other humans on the globe. Look it up. That is correct. It’s either that or nothing! You can’t care about both animals and humans.

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Animals are designed to consume other animals, and humans are animals.

I once tried to get my hamster Charlie to kill and eat a chicken, but when I placed the chicken next to him, Charlie stared at me as if he didn’t comprehend what I was asking of him. I ordered him to go kill and eat the chicken right now since Charlie was an animal, and animals were designed to eat animals, so that was the way it was. There are no questions.

Because one individual cannot change the world, do whatever the hell you want regardless of how it impacts others.

If only one person who spoke out against slavery throughout the time of slavery had listened to Jen Torres, we would still have slaves!

We can easily catch and slaughter a cow with our dogs.

As you can see, our dogs most closely resemble the canines of carnivores. We’d be able to catch prey much as a lion does with our dogs. Take a peek at these. TAKE A LOOK at those delicate ass canines. If you grin at a cow, she’ll bolt and say, “crap, those canines are about to mess me up; best flee.”


Vegetable lives are essential.

vegetable lives matter

There is no reason for us vegans to dismiss the vitality of a vegetable, whether it be green, orange, red, or yellow. So, if we truly cared about animals, we’d quit eating vegetables? Sorry, I’m not sure if the absence of b12 made me so stupid, but can somebody explain this one to me?

Farmer’s life is also meaningful.

farmers' lives matter too

Just because we care about animals does not give us the right to wish all farmers dead! Can you believe these vegans who want to eradicate all farmers? What a bunch of knuckleheads.

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Caring for any animal other than a dog being eaten in Asia/an orca imprisoned at SeaWorld/elephants utilized as a tourist attraction qualifies you as a “DUMB CUNT.”

caring about any animal other than a dog

We should have realized by now that cows/pigs/chickens, or any other animal utilized for human food, do not deserve to live, and standing up for these creatures in need makes you a jerk. Because, well, some folks simply enjoy eating them. What exactly is the issue? Also, supposedly, people raise cows, pigs, and donkeys as members of their families. I’m not sure what it has to do with this debate, but they’re living the dream.

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