Best Tasting Vegan Oreo Brownies

vegan oreo brownies

One of the first things most vegans do when they go vegan is to find out which products they can still have. And then they find out that Oreos are vegan. They develop a serious oreo addiction for a couple of weeks and tell all the people they’re trying to convert to veganism. But they […]

Best counter-arguments to Veganism

vegans counter arguments

When it comes to veganism, I’m a rather practical individual. I know that animals in the meat/dairy/egg business suffer; I care about animals. Thus I refuse to engage in senseless violence against them. This also implies that most vegans are willing to debate if they have a compelling argument against veganism because most are realistic […]

Easing Into Veganism

easing into veganism

So you’re thinking about transitioning into veganism? Making the switch to veganism may seem daunting as it includes taking quite a few steps towards a drastic lifestyle change, but following our easy guide on easing into veganism will make the process worry-free! Education and Information Before making the lifestyle change, it is essential to get educated […]

Is it okay for a vegan to work in a non-vegan restaurant?

Should vegan work in a non-vegan restaurant

The vegan diet is based on the philosophy that animals should not be consumed as food. So if you are a vegan, the first answer is no. It is not okay for you to work in a restaurant that serves meat because otherwise, you are indirectly participating in hurting animals. The vegan way of living […]

Everything you need to know about Vegan Beer

vegan beer

The vegan beer world is a small one, yet it can be an even bigger scene. Like many other foods in our society today, beer is not 100% animal-free; some beers use fining agents that aren’t plant-based either. It may seem tricky when looking through menus or breweries websites to find what operates under these […]

Vegan Celebrities That Changed The World

What is Veganism, and why do celebrities go vegan? If you believe that Vegan eating is something that only unusual-looking people who look like the hippies from the 1960s do, you are entirely incorrect. There are a lot of highly well-recognized individuals who take place to be effective vegans. What is quite surprising is that many of […]

Differences Between Plant-Based, Vegan, and Vegetarian Diets?

You are contemplating going “plant-based,” however undecided if which means vegan, vegetarian, or one thing completely different? Don’t fret! We’ll unravel what every food regimen fashion encompasses. In addition, you will understand what you possibly can eat on everyone. Relaxation assured you’ll not stare at the dairy case, questioning if that plant-based label on the […]

Everything you need to know about KFC Vegan Burger and Chicken

kfc vegan burger

KFC has finally released its vegan chicken. Dubbed “The Original Plant-Based Recipe,” the new meat-free chicken is made using a mixture of soy protein, wheat protein, pea protein, potato protein, vegetable shortening, and yeast extract. The meat replacement will soon be available at major KFC restaurants in the U.S. What is KFC’s Beyond Fried Chicken? […]

Best Vegan Shoes For Men And Women

vegan shoes

Finding the perfect pair of vegan shoes for your summer travels can be a daunting task. It’s hard enough to find comfortable shoes in general, let alone vegan ones! But before you give up hope and go shoe shopping on your own, take a break from browsing online and check out our list of favorite […]