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easing into veganism

Easing Into Veganism

So you’re thinking about transitioning into veganism? Making the switch to veganism may seem daunting as it includes taking quite a few steps towards a

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William Smith

Vegan Food Blogger

Hi, I’m William! I love animals, plants and nature! You can often find me out in the garden or cooking with fresh ingredients. But my true passion is being vegan for ethical reasons. When you’re vegan, it’s not just about food – it’s a lifestyle choice that has so many knock-on benefits for your health and the planet too.

I have been on a journey of weight loss and fitness to get myself feeling at my best physically and mentally, which is why I want to share those steps with you too! And finally, when there are companies out there doing things ethically (like being vegan), I’ll be sharing them here, too, because we need more people like us doing good in this world.

William Smith

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