Interview: From Bars To Bitcoin With Justin The Bitcoin Vegan

Interview: From Bars To Bitcoin With Justin The Bitcoin Vegan

Justin explores a numerous array of issues pertaining to the liberty of Bitcoin in this Bitcoin Magazine podcast.

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On this episode of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” CK sits down with Justin the Bitcoin Vegan. Justin is a glide-setter of the Dim Bitcoin Billionaires Podcast, an author and a Bitcoin educator. On this podcast CK explores Justin’s past and how he overcame growing up in poverty and going to jail, and how that became rising up as an entrepreneur with the flexibility to comprise his comprise future and create wealth by discovering Bitcoin. We comprise all heard the mantra that “Bitcoin changes you.” Justin is a most attention-grabbing instance of this as his lifestyles became tremendously improved after discovering out about Bitcoin.

By discovering Bitcoin, Justin came across that he now not finest had a brand new force to be triumphant, nonetheless he had a tool that would support him create wealth and assemble freedom. Justin mirrored on how Bitcoin forced him to search out out about money, and how the legacy draw holds African American’s and old faculty prisoners down. 

Bitcoin modified all the pieces for him, and gifts the different to discontinue the identical for hundreds and hundreds.

Please salvage pleasure from this though-provoking and spicy dialog with Justin the Bitcoin Vegan!

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