How To Throw An EPIC Vegan Party?

how to throw an epic vegan party

You might be thinking, “Who would want to read a blog post about throwing an epic vegan party?” But it’s not just for vegans! The benefits of a plant-based diet are now more apparent than ever, and many people who aren’t fully committed to the lifestyle still occasionally enjoy vegan food. Plus, most of our … Read more

The Short Guide to What Can You Eat As A Vegan?

What can you eat as a vegan

Some argue that vegans may have a slightly lower daily requirement due to the lack of meat in their diet. It is often used to enrich grains. In modern culture, the typical meat-eating American consumes twice as much protein as he actually needs every day, so he has almost no worries about getting enough protein. What Can You Eat As a Vegan? As mentioned in … Read more

Is It Okay For A Vegan To Work In A Non-Vegan Restaurant?

Is It Okay For A Vegan To Work In A Non-Vegan Restaurant

The vegan diet is based on the philosophy that animals should not be consumed as food. So if you are a vegan, the first answer is no. It is not okay for you to work in a restaurant that serves meat because otherwise, you are indirectly participating in hurting animals. The vegan way of living has many … Read more

The Untold Secret of Vegan Cheese

vegan cheese

The Untold Secret of Vegan Cheese is the possibility of having a safe, animal-friendly, eco-friendly, and even healthy alternative to dairy products. While we know that people have been making fermented nut milk at home for centuries, most people don’t realize how many different cheeses have already been developed by vegan food companies starting in … Read more

Differences Between Plant-Based, Vegan, and Vegetarian Diets?

Differences Between Plant-Based, Vegan, and Vegetarian Diets

You are contemplating going “plant-based,” however undecided if which means vegan, vegetarian, or one thing completely different? Don’t fret! We’ll unravel what every food regimen fashion encompasses. In addition, you will understand what you possibly can eat on everyone. Relaxation assured you’ll not stare at the dairy case, questioning if that plant-based label on the … Read more