Why are there no plant-based burgers in the supermarkets?


Are you or someone you know a vegan? Do you want to be one? Or do you think it’s a phase and won’t last long? If so, please read on. Last week I’ve gone shopping in the supermarkets and noticed that there are no vegan burgers in the refrigerated section. This was surprising to me because I thought grocery stores were supposed to follow consumer trends and provide products that customers want to buy. Thus, this article will examine why there are no plant-based burgers in supermarkets, explaining what they contain, their nutritional value, and their health benefits.

Plant-based burgers and their benefits, potential future and how they’re made

Plant-based burgers are made from plants. There are two main kinds. The first kind is the high-tech variety. It’s created using an industrial process and could be called vegan technology. As it’s not derived from animals, but has to go through a technological process to become edible, it could be called something else. I’ll use vegan technology or veganism to refer to the industrial production of plant-based products using technological means. This is the high-tech way of making this kind of product, which helps us understand what plant-based burgers are and their benefits. There are two kinds of such burgers. The first kind is the classical veggie burger. It’s made from mushrooms, rice, soy, wheat, etc., and has a lot of protein. The other kind is made from all sorts of plants such as kale, broccoli, carrots, or beets. They’re also packed with vitamins and minerals that are hard to come by in animal products, such as the B12 vitamin, which helps cell division. If those were the only ingredients used, I would say that’s great, but they aren’t. You can find them in any supermarket with cold storage and frozen food sections. So why are there no plant-based burgers? To answer this question, we have to take a closer look at what industrial veganism looks like.

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The absence of plant-based burgers in supermarkets

On most of the packages, you can read “contains no meat”. But it’s not so surprising — after all, they’re made from plants. After reading what ingredients plant-based burgers contain, most people would think: Why would I want to eat something that contains peas or carrots? But this isn’t true. The main reason plant-based burgers aren’t in supermarkets is that most people don’t know about them and don’t demand such products. There are also some other reasons, which I’ll talk about now. The other reason is that they’re not advertised. Most people aren’t aware of this kind of burger, even though it’s sold in standard supermarkets. Place where you’d expect to find easy plant-based meals such as vegan protein bars and ice creams, but instead, there are no plant-based burgers at all. It seems the marketing department isn’t doing its job. In the eyes of the supermarkets, those are not seen as healthy food even though they contain lots of vitamins and minerals that other frozen meals don’t have, such as the B12 vitamin. Also, the technology they’re made with is unknown to most people. But why is that? The reason for it is simple: profit margin. Plant-based burgers are more expensive than animal products. For example, a pound of chicken meat costs half the price of a pound of vegetables. So, how can supermarkets make money if they have two kinds of products: Vegetarian and meat products? The obvious solution is to increase the price of vegetarian products. This would attract people who consider themselves vegan but are not ready to pay extra for it. So why do they do that? Another reason for it is that people don’t know about such technology. They think of meat as something natural which couldn’t be made otherwise. They don’t realize that plants could have the same taste if they were processed with industrial technologies. But this is not only bad for supermarkets’ profits, but also animal welfare, health, and the environment. So why do they do it?

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Finally, people are not aware of this because of industrial veganism. If someone tried it for themselves – they’d see that meats can be made without animals and that they can taste the same. But what is industrial veganism exactly? It’s something I’ve been working on for a long time but still haven’t made it to the public yet. I’m not a big corporation and I don’t have the support of big companies like some other groups do. But I can’t wait any longer — industrial veganism is already possible! It’s waiting for someone who would take advantage of it. I’ve started by starting a non-profit organization whose mission is to spread awareness of the benefits of this technology. It’s called Veaganomics Institute. I want to introduce as many people as possible to it so that they’ll be able to make their food without harming anyone or anything. What I have in mind is to change the way people think about veganism. I’m sure that after I explain it to them, they’ll agree with me.

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